Johanna Bordewijk-Roepman

Johanna Bordewijk-Roepman
(b. Rotterdam, Aug 4, 1892; d. The Hague, Oct 8, 1971) Dutch composer. She began to compose at the age of 25. She took only a few lessons in orchestration with Eduard Flipse (1936–7), who was the conductor of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra. Flipse frequently performed works by young Dutch composers and included her in the program as well. Her breakthrough was in 1940 with Les Illuminations (Rimbaud) and Bierbaum Lieder for large orchestra and soprano. During World War II she refused to join the Kultuurkamer, as all Dutch composers were required to do.
Works: She received numerous government commissions for her works and won a prize for her Piano Sonata (1943). Her works consists of opera, oratorio, orchestral works, chamber music, solo works for instruments and several works for singers and choirs. She set music to many Dutch
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poets, including her husband Ferdinand Bordewijk, who was a well-known writer at that time. Some of her works can be found in Donemus Publishing Company.27
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