Hanna Beekhuis

Hanna Beekhuis
(b. Leeuwarden, Sep 24, 1889; d. Bloemendaal, Feb 2, 1980) Dutch pianist and composer. She studied music with Peter van Anrooy, Frits Schuurman and Otto Barblan. She continued studying piano at the Conservatory in Cologne with Ewald Strässer and Franz Bölsche. She continued with Dirk Schäfer and Bernard Stavenhagen. She formed a trio with the singer To van der Sluys and flutist Johan Feltkamp, where they performed works by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. She later made a society “Art in an intimate
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circle” where the purpose was to give an opportunity to artists and composers to present works without being published in the newspaper.26
Works: The compositions of Beekhuis are of both small and bigger forms. It is especially interesting to note that she has written many chamber music pieces for singers with different instruments. Other combinations are for choir with orchestra, various instrumental pieces written for ballet, chamber music and solo piano. She received an award for ‘Cupidootje’ in 1951 and a gold medal and an honorary award for ‘Reflets du Japon’ in 1961. Donemus Publishing Company have 42 of her works, while you can also find more works in Atria and Dutch Music Institute.
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